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Dates and Place: 22-24 November 2010, Kalmar Sweden

Objectives: the conference is a World Conference on natural sciences and environmental technologies for waste and wastewater treatment, remediation, emissions related to climate, environmental and economic effects.

Accordingly the objective of attending this conference is: to present the results of the project Bioenergy regarding the experiments with the EDAR (Estacion de tratamiento de agua residual) material and methane production; to promote BEA to the international community; to get in touch with the latest developments on wastewater treatment and bioenergy production, specially involving microalgae.

Conference abstract:

Production of Methane from Microalgae Biofilms from Wastewater Treatment Plants

Giovana O. Fistarol1, Mario Rosato2, Guillermo Garcia-B Reina1*

1 Spanish Bank of Algae, University of Las Palmas Gan Canaria, Muelle de Taliarte s/n - 35214 Telde, Canary Islands, Spain
2 Sustainable Technology,

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